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    In 2014, home furnishings were established, after the re-integration of resources and capital, a set of raw materials for the development, professional development, sales, finance in one, including raw materials, design, warehousing, sales, finance, overall home improvement and engineering decoration seven Plate mahogany industry, the whole industry chain enterprise group in Guangdong Jiangmen birth, the smooth realization of the multi-brand, intensive development of the strategic leap. China to large-scale mahogany 
    Mahogany furniture story
    That night, a lot of furniture collectors sleep all night. Huanghua pear furniture once again return to the public sight. The hovering between the peak and the trough In fact, as early as the Tang Dynasty, pear furnitu..
    Mahogany furniture..
    Since ancient times, mahogany furniture has a self-contained system of furniture production process, the proce..
    When the mahogany ..
    Mahogany furniture because of its value-added features and artistic appreciation of the value of many consumer..
    Mahogany furniture purchase skills
    Learn more about how to buy quality mahogany furniture ..
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